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A residential satellite area becomes peripheral when it loses that humanity that people associate with the concept of "home". It is an existential suburbanity, where the distances from the centre are seen as unbridgeable and the district remains isolated in a still monofunctional reality. Designing today a cooperative apartment complex in Milan, can physically pull two opposing concepts of living. On one side there is the functionalist city, made by the CIAM housing standards, on the other hand there is the reality of life today, where dwellings conditions have to be framed on different kind of users: singles, old people, people working at home, precarious youngsters. The project looks to encompass the diversity of form and function in the area. The new building is the meeting of two different morphological footprints of the residences of the former and existing industries.

Milan, 2008
with: Demo Architects, Giovanna Perretti, Giusy Ricci