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GO URBAN        
"Go Urban" answers to the diverse requirements of the brief on one hand featuring several activities at once, and on the other hand structuring - by its form - a new urban nature of the site and its surrounndings. The Form as a logic does not hang on spoilt self-referential choices or impositions: it is a consequence of the required masses and hights, and, at the same time, a way to frame the surrounding landsca. The form animates a mixed programme and enables a future vision of different uses trough time. Dwellings' typologies are simple: they are designed like office units in order to give the chance to turn the spaces in any wished use. Unbiased houses become specific by being exploited: who's living there decides how to shape at best its OWN SPACE (a house, an atelier, a working space, an office). HOUSING / URBAN DESIGN
Amsterdam, 2007
51.000mq, 165 dwellings
with:DEMO architects
Giovanna Perretti, Giusy Ricci