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Facade Renewal          

This project involves the total renovation of the exterior of one of the largest hotels in Rome, located in the west quadrant of the capital, close to the Via Aurelia. The building is located on the top of a hill. The elevations (10,000 sm) were cladded with prefabricated anodized aluminum panels. They have been dismantled and replaced with a new, more modern and technological coating, optimizing energy efficiency. The new cladding has a color similar to the previous one, treated in such a way as to emphasize the "bronze" character of the cladding and the brightness of the facades. Background’s plasters have been treated with a darker color, in order to make the new cladding panels stand out by contrast.

Rome, 2021
Building-site Supervision: Alfacubo Srl
Art Direction: Milk Train s.c.
Photos: Roel Backaert