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Gare Maritime was built in 1902 and inaugurated in 1907.
The large 40,000 m2 steel and glass structure was designed to efficiently receive goods by land, water and then be distributed by rail. Within Gare Maritime, the client (a Media Company) decided to open its headquarters in Belgium.
The design moves through several predetermined points: the existing space, its characteristics, the 120x120 fixed grid, the work areas, the reuse of existing furnishings, the maximum weight supported by the existing structure. Design is modeled around these invariable points.The result is a sequence of open and linked spaces, supported by a wide range of informal areas that act as a common and continuous workspace, ideal for smart working or relaxation.

Brussels, Gare Maritime, 2021
Design, Building-site supervision and Art Direction: Milk Train s.c.
Contractor: Tecnosistemi
Technical Systems: Alfacubo Srl