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The proposed project is based on a simple idea, that of creating a system of coordinated and flexible areas in which multimedia aspects and more traditional museographic elements (manuscripts, memorabilia, etc.) can co-exist. The specificity of the place (the former Abbey of San Giuliano) influenced the choices behind the design, suggesting sober, almost "monastic" furnishings, flexible and easily removable, made of natural and recyclable materials, chosen, also and above all, for their acoustic behaviours. The abbey of San Giuliano has a layout made of many small and heterogeneous rooms. These spaces must be optimized and the new furnishings have to fit themselves in the hosting environment. Museum will show memorabilia, musical instruments, original manuscripts, through a series of devices designed to be positioned, flexibly, within the former abbey's spaces.

House of the Songwriters
Museum/exhibition design, Genova (IT), 2021
With the support of: Ministry of Italian Culture, Regione Liguria, Comune di Genova
and: Fondazione Carige, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
Curators: Massimo Bernardini, Francesco De Nicola, Guido Harari, Renato Tortarolo
Commission mambers: Dori Ghezzi, paolo Masini, Massimo Bernardini
Margherita Rubino, Serena Bertolucci, Cesare Torre
Regione Liguria: Ilaria Cavo, Luca Parodi
IRE S.p.A: Teodora Buzzanca, Valeria Mangini, Marco Segni
Design: Milk Train