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U.A.E./U.S. - 50 Years in Partnership


This exhibition project was conceived to be easily assembled/ disassembled and transported elsewhere. The same shape of the modules, slightly tapered, is designed to allow a less bulky packaging. The installation is composed of 6 similar modules, which can be aggregated following different layouts (aligned along a wall, as an island and self-standing). Exhibition's content is purely photographic: each module houses 10 backlit photos, divided by subject. The treatment of the exteriors is characterized by a weave of engravings, which create a mimetic effect: once the modules are put together, it is no longer possible to distinguish their separation.

Reach/Kennedy Centre, Washington DC, 2021
USA Pavilion, Expo Dubai, 2021
Clients: Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy, Washington DC
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Washington DC United States Mission
Curator: Michele Bambling
Contractor: Devoto Design