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Egnatia is located halfway between Bari and Brindisi on a road once called Via Appia Traiana, that was the ideal extension linking Rome to Byzantium. The charm of this area is in its natural beauty, in its two thousand years of history outcropping here and there in the tall grass and the cliffs. In archaeological areas the work of archaeologists is programmed in such a way that the inspection, turns into a real operation on the landscape. The new museum becomes part of the operation by sheltering a portion of the ancient walls. - Along the coastal a system of new paths gives access to the sea while light structures designed to host facilities meet the needs of the tourists. The act of using the cultivation as an investigative tool encloses the intent to provide archaeologists with a landmark that interact with the territory, raising in such a way that the typical crop of the Mediterranean area unveils the original path of Via Traiana.

Archaeological Park
with:Ciro Pizzutilo