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Craft and Folk Art Pavilion          

Project is divided into thematic areas, from the artisan process - starting from the use of natural elements - up to local cultures and finished artefacts. Museum's main cloister, is transformed into the UNESCO garden that host representative plants. The garden faces a thin pool of water, designed specifically for the event, with the aim of collecting rainwater and amplifying, through its mirroring effect, the perception of the landscape within the cloister. Minor cloister hosts specific stories, those of local artisans and producers from Fabriano, plus a selection of sculptures made in Carrara marble, and contributions from some of the participating Creative Cities. A series of backlit panels, positioned in the covered part of the cloister, shows the photographic story of faces, traditions and work tools linked to the reality of Fabriano. In the center of the minor cloister, positioned in such a way as to be able to take full advantage of natural lighting, there is a long metal podium.

XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conference
Design and Curatorship: Milk Train s.c.
UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Creative Cities: Maria Francesca Merloni
Museo della Carta: Giorgio Pellegrini
Promoters: Main cloister - Comune di Fabriano
Promoters: Minor cloister - Comune di Carrara, in collaboration with APS Oltre
Exhibitions Manager: Vittorio Salmoni
Contractor: Metal Design - Rome
Minor Cloister Artworks selection: Enza Di Vinci (Blossom of Rebirth's curator)
Photos: Pierluigi Barile