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BUSHES' RUSTLE          

Favara’s name comes from arab (Fabarìa). It means “a place with plenty of water”. Trough the centuries, the city landscape and its natural resources merged together in a deep manner. One of the city most strategical spot was the Arab Garden, Favara’s green lung. Today that place is overwhelmed by the spontaneous city, hidden by unfinished buildings. The garden is colonized by a dense vegetation of canes. Installation uses indigenous canes as a metaphore: a symbol that speaks about resistance, community, unplanned and amorfous areas, forgotten habits and presences. For decades canes have been the most available material for the citizens of Favara, a building-site material (like the counter-ceiling in the local Dammusi) the basic source for the "panari" and plenty of domestic tools. “Bushes' Rustle” asks to the visitors to merge themselves in a temporary installation, that recalls the story of the city, using the same rough material used by Favara inhabitants for decades.

Installation and performance
Favara (AG), 2016
with:Francesco Gatti / 3gatti, Carla Barbanti
with the help of: Peter Chea
location: IF Livreri, Favara
Art Directors: Francesco Lipari, Lillo Giglia, Daniela Frenna
Videos and editing: Salvatore Giglia (link)
Choreography: Miriam Mignemi
Performers: Dalila and Morena Ciccotto
Promoter and Organization: Lillo Livreri