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Stack of Rituals tries to merge down into an installation the daily dynamics of the hosting farming company.
The raw building material are the plastic crates used during the harvest. They are the first object waiting for workers early in the morning, and, at the end of the day, the tool used to transport the crop to the main building, awaiting to be shipped around Europe. The crate, an hyperfunctional object, becomes the main actor of a ritual that is renewed every day.
Stack of Rituals wants to shape these dynamics, creating a dialogue with a context in which human activities and agricultural landscapes are renewed every day, in a circular pattern.

Installation and performance
Favara (AG), 2017
with:Francesco Gatti / 3gatti, Irene Iacolino
location: GEVA, Fratelli Vita, Favara
event: Fuori Farm 2017 / Farm Cultural Park
art directors: Francesco Lipari, Daniela Frenna
choreography: Fabaria Folk
organization: Lillo Livreri