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The interior of this hotel room has been designed keeping in mind the history of the original building, an old spinning-mill. There are many ways to work in a traditional context, most of them seek to emphasize place's specific character, its patina, its memory, the value of technical and past cultures. When dealing with a context in which history has left deep traces, is easy to fall into the temptation of replication, the simulation of what no longer exists, although the project manages activities and lifestyles different from the original ones. In these conditions we felt more appropriate to work on an evocative level, designing furnitures as minimal and trasparent as possible, to allow the maximum visibility of the original materials. A silent way to accomodate the functions demanded by an hotel room, conceived inside an historical building.

Casamassella, Uggiano la Chiesa (LE), 2016
commissioner: Roberto Campa, La Filanda (link)
with: Sara Tortorella
collaborator: Anita Sala