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Intimate Terrains          

This design embraces curatorial themes and structure, through choices that make it possible to have an organic story, keeping recognizable, at the same time, each artwork identity and the dialogue between the different authors/themes. The exhibition embodies curatorial perspective, trough a spatial layout that merge and organises different themes, works, and media, slightly mirroring, without being rethorical, the changing representation of Palestinian landscape. Exhibition’s path has been organised in such a way as to leave the glass gallery as the last episode of a narration that goes from the “represented landscape” to the real one (as visible from the gallery). The glass gallery hosts a wall of maps and statistics related to palestinian landscape’s evolution and recent story.

Exhibition Design
Ramallah, Palestine, 2019
commissioned by: The Palestinian Museum
curator: Tina Sherwell
photos: Hareth Yousef
courtesy: The Palestinian Museum