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MINA - WAREHOUSE 411          

The “community” idea behind the SEAF program is witnessed by a long communitarian table, that crosses the whole warehouse. The long table hosts all the media able to show the ongoing research pursued by partecipants. It is a chain of show-cases, its content is fundamentally made by sketches, drawings, photos, and documents as realized by the artists in their own ateliers. The long table is designed in order to look as a stack of rough industrial wood, rembering the original function of the warehouse. The main room is equipped with a flexible series of “colums”, wrapped with white fabric, hanging from the existing roof structure. Each colum has a customized foot, ready to host different kind of media.

SEAF exhibition
Salama Bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship
Abu Dhabi, 2015
Exhibition Design
commissioner: Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation
with: the Rhode Island School of Design