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FOUR SEASONS          

"Four Seasons" is the updated version of the Italian Pavilion, curated by Luca Zevi and presented during the 13. Biennal of Architecture in Venice. The new layout is proposed as a path that meanders through different themes and spaces. A single platform drives visitors trough a story where architecture, environment, industry and economy are integrated. It is an exhibition in which poor materials (untreated MDF and strips of industrial wood) are assembled in order to redeem their traditional use. The materials, usually employed as below structure, intended to be painted or coated, are brought to the surface and "ennobled" by the technique of assembly and by the graphical treathment. In this way it is possible to create a path that brings together naturality (untreated wood) and design.

Moscow, 2013
commissioner: Italian Institute for Culture, Moscow
hosting museum: New Manege, Moscow
curator: Luca Zevi
coordinating director: Francesco Orofino
art direction: Dario Curatolo, Monica Maggioni
with: Anastasia Albokrinova
collaborator: Anita Sala