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Exhibition’s layout gives centrality to the podium on which the installation is set up. The podium occupies the entire central nave, and its surroundings are treated in such a way as to leave as much space as possible around the installation.
Design follows the longitudinal axis of the hosting space, and, consequently, creates an immediate and symmetrical frontality with the entrance and the point of view of the visitor entering the space. Upon entering the pavilion, the visitor has an immediate perception, in perspective, of the podium and the sculptures. This approach implies the design of a neutral element (a blank wall), positioned behind the podium, which can, at the same time, make the sculptures stand out and eliminate any potential visual pollution coming from the background.




Venice, 59th International Art Exhibition, 2022
curator: Maya Allison
commissioners: National Pavilion UAE
Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation
contractor: Tosetto Allestimenti
lighting: iGuzzini
photos: 1,2 Ismail Noor of Seeing Things, 3 Milk Train s.c.