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The new school complex is developed around four main assumptions, partially driven by the urban context: 1) create a new square, 2) encourage the investment of private enterprise, 3) design core spaces, improving cohesion, 4) introduce students to new ways of informal learning, providing free spaces for study and work. The auditorium, cafeteria and the gym, are located so they can be used independently without interfering with school activities.The new school complex has been divided into several volumes connected together, each of which has a size comparable with the smaller scale of most of the existing buildings. To improve the integration into the landscape, the facades are made with two materials: white plaster (indigenous of the Sorrento Coast) and the tufo stone from local quarries.

Design Competition
Piano di Sorrento, 2013
with: Giovanni Fumagalli,Francesca Canu, Lorenzo Caporro
collaborator: Anita Sala