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BAS PRINCEN          

Bas Princen first book, Artificial Arcadia (010 Publishers) documented a new type of public space, ephemeral and clandestine, portraying the various nomadic tribes that explore the Netherlands in search of free space to practice their hobbies. The series Galleria Naturale (Linea di confine, 2008) gave rise to a visual survey on the relationship between natural and artificial, and the ambiguity of these notions in the same photographic composition. Refuge (SUN Publishers, 2009), depicted in a parallel way Beirut, Cairo, Dubai and Istanbul, dissolving the individuality of each city to build a continuous representation of architecture and landscape. In the Casa dell’Architettura, Bas Princen sets out a sequence of nine photographs selected from the series Reservoir (Hatje Cantz, 2011), his last project.

Rome, 2011
commissioner: Casa dell'Architettura
with the support of: Andrea Mazzoli, Francesco Ghio, Luca Molinari, Lara Tiberi
with: Demo Architects
artist: Bas Princen
co-curator: Giuliano Sergio
contractor: Devoto