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Rizzordi is an Art Foundation located on the top floor of a former industrial building. The space is not finished, rough and overshadowed, empty and without partitions, defined by the presence of a system of point-like pillars that resemble Archizoom’s "No-stop city". The exhibition gives space to a sequence of six large video, shaping a play of visual and references, nested between the spans created by the existing structures. In some strategic points the visitor can see all the videos at the same time.

St Petersburg, 2013
commissioner: Italian Institute for Culture, St Petersburg
hosting museum: Rizzordi Art Foundation, St Petersburg
Rizzordi Art Foundation:Anna Shumilova, Marina Orlova
curator: Luca Zevi
coordinating director: Francesco Orofino
art direction: Dario Curatolo, Monica Maggioni
photos: Konstantin Kotov