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The idea is to create a temporary structure, the ideal internal extrusion of the existing stalls, in order to comfortably accommodate a seated audience of about 500/700 visitors. The structure will be placed on the “walkable” part of the arena, in a peripheric position. This will restore the original 360 ° point of view. A stage will be placed in the center, also demountable, sized so as to allow sufficient distance between the audience and the artists and allowing an agile flow of spectators. The stalls, made of wood, and with a substructure in steel, will be designed in portions, so that, once placed together, they can create a continuous and uniform element. In this way, the different sectors can be easily moved and transported outside the amphitheater, becoming a sort of informal seat, a sustainable furniture, communicating with the park of the archaeological area

Temporay Amphitheater Installation
Sutri (IT), 2021