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Triggering Reality presents, through a rich and varied array of means, projects that analyse social and cultural phenomena, that propose slight modifications of the context in which they are placed, that interact with the city and its inhabitants to channel existing energies into processes of participation, re-appropriation and transformation. Curators Sanguigni and Brizzi bring together projects and works that "trigger" new realities starting with already existing conditions, that choose the route of transformation and reuse, that seek to understand and reactivate space by means of low-cost or temporary interventions, offering the public an interesting picture of the current state of contemporary architecture, giving food for thought with regards to the European and Italian condition [ ]. (Eugenio Pandolfini)

Centro Pecci per l'Arte Contemporanea
Prato, 2012-2013
artists/architects: Krijn de Koning, Atelier van Lieshout
Nicoline van Harskamp, DUS architects, Wouter Klein Velderman
Onix, Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen, Haas&Hahn, Boundary United
with: Marco Brizzi / Image
Stefano Pezzato / Centro Pecci Permanent Curator
Marco Bazzini / Centro Pecci Director
on: Domus
catalogue: The Architecture Observer