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1980-TODAY: Exhibitions in the UAE          

"In 1980 - Today: Exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, I am looking at the emergence of contemporary art practices in the UAE over the past four decades. Rather than taking a monolithic or one-sided approach, I wanted to create a more multifaceted narrative, exploring a range of works by artists from different generations, backgrounds, styles and techniques.[ ] Much of this research focuses on the Emirates Fine Art Society, which was also crucial in the development of the Sharjah Biennial when it was founded in 1993, and continues to have a profound impact on the community today. I am very committed to the documentation of these histories, in order to establish a deeper understanding of the artists who were so central in shaping the UAE's early conceptual art scene. Still, there is so much more research to be done." (Hoor Al Qasimi)

Venice, 14. Biennal of Art, 2015
curator: Hoor Al Qasimi
commissioner: Salama Bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation
artists: Ahmed Al Ansari, Moosa Al Halyan, Mohammed Al Qassab
Abdul Qader Al Rais, Abdullah Al Saadi, Mohammed Abdullah Bulhiah
Salem Jawhar, Mohammed Kazem, Dr. Najat Meky, Abdulraheem Salim
Ahmed Sharif, Hassan Sharif, Obaid Suroor, Dr.Mohamed Yousif, Abdulrahman Zainal
coordinating director: Laila Binbrek
exhibition coordinator: Rand Abdul Jabbar
photography: Mohamed Somji, Pierluigi Barile, Giampiero Sanguigni