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Eight towers, as guardians, to see the lake, at different heights. Eight towers rooted in context, that host different activities depending on where they are lowered: a kiosk, a canoes storage, a fishermens' depot, a jury shelter for canoes' races, an alcove for lovers, a space for bird-watching. Eight towers similar and reversible, made with wood and steel. Eight towers to frame the sight of those who live on the lake, giving them a different perspective, from the water. Eight towers to complete the already existing services and to create specific stations visible from far. Eight towers for residents, imagined as flexible spaces, able to change over time. Eight towers to create a popular hotel managed via web, to improve new forms of tourism. Eight towers as a recognizable landmarks that give to the lake a subtle homogeneity, without changing local characteristics.

Varese (IT), 2013
with: Francesco Fornaciari, Anita Sala